Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?

I had never read Jane Austen until the semester before I received my Master's Degree in English. Isn't that odd?  What took so long?  I think Jane was a bit looked down upon in the "serious" literature department: I remember how my classmates dismissed Pride and Prejudice as "a story about a bunch of girls wanting to get married."  That's what they said to me when I announced that I wanted to write my research paper on it.

Needless to say, I loved Jane from the very first page of Pride and Prejudice.  I'm from a family of a lot of girls, so the characters and their concerns seem very real to me.  Add to that attraction, I loved everything British:"Masterpiece Theatre," The Rollings Stones, Twiggy, Yardley lipstick--I could go on and on.

Looking back, from where I am in my life right now, I would choose "Sense and Sensibility" as my favorite Jane Austen novel.  To me, it echoed my relationship with my sisters; especially between my younger sister and myself.  She and I would often say about the novel that she was the "Sense" to my "Sensibility": she was the one who went for the bad boys; for the roller coaster ride; while I played it safe in my world of prudence and sensibility.

My younger sister died six years ago.  I often think about Jane Austen's novel as it pertains to her: I remember discussing it with my sister and saying that the scene in the novel where Marianne almost dies is how I would feel towards her if anything ever happened to her.

Unfortunately, my fears came true when my sister, like Marianne in the novel, had a life-threatening illness.  Marianne survived; but my sister did not.  I loved her with my heart and soul and I dedicate my book to her:

Nonsense and Sensibility: 
A Modern Austen Variation
By Louise Hathaway

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jane Austen and Sense and Sensibility

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Nonsense and Sensibility:
A Modern Austen Variation
by: Louise Hathaway

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This romantic comedy is a modern version of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. It’s the story of two American sisters and the men who love them. Elinor, the older of the two, is the sensible one who is prudent and dependable. In contrast, Marianne is the passionate one guided by her emotions who tends to get carried away, especially when it comes to love. Will she choose bad boy Willoughby who comes to her rescue on his mighty steed, or Colonel Brandon, an older man who could offer her a lifetime of safe and dependable love? Will Elinor and her true love, Edward, ever be free to marry? Will Lucy ever let him go? Find out in this story, told with deep and abiding love for the inimitable Jane Austen.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mysteries and Time Travel Novel Half-Off at Smashwords

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Do you like murder mysteries that have strong female characters?  If so, check out the first book in a series about Homicide Detective Clarissa Santy.  In "The Tustin Chronicles," we meet her when she is a little girl and her father is murdered.  When she turns 18, she digs deeper into the mystery of his death and ultimately discovers that there are some questions best left unanswered.  Normally $2.99, it's now half-off this month at Smashwords if you use code SSW50 at checkout.  This sale applies exclusively at Smashwords and will continue until July 31, 2015.  The links below take you to the book's Smashword's page.

When I was a girl, I loved reading Nancy Drew Mysteries; and about 3 years ago I inherited some of the books originally published in the 1930s.  I read them again and rediscovered the world of my childhood hero.  I decided to write a PG-Rated, humourous series called The Nancy Keene Mysteries that would appeal to babyboomers like myself who remember the perfect and precocious teenage sleuth.  The following titles below are half-off this month:  that's only 99 cents.
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The eBooks in The Nancy Keene Mystery Series are:

"The Missing Bachelor Farmer" finds Nancy traveling to Lake Wobegon with her father on a sight-seeing trip and a chance to see the towns that Garrison Keillor bases his fictional town upon.  While there, a bachelor farmer goes missing and Nancy becomes part of the search party. She and her father also run into Garrison Keillor as he is leaving a bookstore in St. Paul--which really happened to my husband and I when we were there; which was quite a thrill!

"The Buried Treasure on Route 66" finds Nancy at her French-themed, 18th birthday party.  Her doting father doesn't like overhearing her boyfriend say that she looks hot in her French maid's outfit.  Her Dad also doesn't like the fact the his little girl is going off to college in another state. How will he handle letting her go?  Find out as she, her father, and her boyfriend go on a roadtrip on Route 66; accompanied by a little old lady who Nancy is trying to help find a buried will.

"The Stolen Mask" finds Nancy accompaning her father to London on one of his business trips.  The hotel where they stay has a guest who is a movie star: Daniel Craig.  Nancy loves James Bond and experiences her first teenage crush when she sees the actor who plays him walks out his hotel room door, first thing in the morning, and dressed only in a towel around his waist.  When someone steals his BAFTA award from his hotel room, Nancy tries to impress him by figuring out who did it.

Here's another book that's 99 cents this month at Smashwords with code SSW50 at checkout, "The Summer of Love: A Trip Back to 1968."  When I was 13 and my pregnant sister was 18, she and I went to an outdoor rock festival that was later compared to Woodstock.  I include our Newport Pop Festival experience in this time travel novel where the two of us find ourselves back at the concert, at the house where we grew up, and talking to loved-ones who have long since died.