Sunday, January 19, 2014

Honeymoon in Savannah: A Detective Santy Mystery

Hi to all of our dear readers.  To those of your who've been kind enough to read our previous Detective Santy mysteries, we are finishing up a new murder/mystery with Clarissa Santy continuing as our protagonist.  She has been a fun character to create.  People ask us who she's based upon, and I'd have to say that she's based on me and my nieces.  In the first two books, "The Tustin Chronicles" and "The Murder at the Abbey", we've left poor Clarissa having a spiritual crisis at the ending of both books.  She deserves better.

So, in our new book, she is married and on her honeymoon.  She and her new husband are big fans of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," so they decide to make a pilgrimage to Savannah to see the sights mentioned in the book.  While they are there, a famous chef is murdered: a chef who happens to be Clarissa's cousin, so it's personal.  She is invited by the local police to help find the killer.

The book is part murder/mystery; part travelogue, and part romance novel; so, we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed writing it.  We've been lucky enough to visit Savannah about five times, so we've included some of our favorite places and experiences in this book.

It will be coming out in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Thanks again and happy travels from the husband and wife writing team, Lewis Hathaway.

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