Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thomas Wolfe

Does anyone read Thomas Wolfe anymore?  Apparently, yes.  A short time ago, I put together this essay as an eBook and it's been selling surprising well.  I wonder what is making people buy this little literary essay. Is it the provocative title?  Do people see "sluts" and "deep-breasted" in one title and say, "That's the one for me?" Or, do people still read Thomas Wolfe?  I hope it's the later.  He is one of my all-time favorites.  In 1991, I made a pilgrimage to Ashville, North Carolina to go to a Thomas Wolfe festival and this is what I wrote after my trip.  I had a chance to meet his nephew, who was the only family member still alive at the time who remembered and spoke with the famous writer.  It was quite the thrill for this English major.

This eBook (with pictures) is available at all your favorite online bookstores for $0.99.

If you can't see my incredibly-long, Thomas Wolfe-esque title, it's called "Nags, Sluts, and a Deep-Breasted Soulmate from the Shining City: The Women in Thomas Wolfe's The Web and the Rock"

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