Saturday, October 10, 2015

Do you like to read murder mysteries?

Do you love reading mysteries and trying to figure out whodunit?  If the answer is "Yes", please take a look at these four murder mysteries that my husband and I wrote.  They are part of "The Detective Santy Mystery" series and are about the life and career of Clarrisa Santy, a female homicide detective from Orange County, California. The series begins with the murder of her father. When she turns 18, she looks into the court records of the murder trial, and realizes that the wrong man was arrested. Ivan, the man accused of the crime, is based on a real person I used to know, who was infamously known as "the hammer-murderer". When Clarissa contacts him, she finds out more about her family and learns, the hard way, that there are some questions best left unanswered.  The series has received five star and several four star reviews and each book can be enjoyed on its own without having to read the entire series.  The bestseller among the four books is "Honeymoon in Savannah" and it is our favorite, too.

The books in the Detective Santy Mystery Series are:

The Tustin Chronicles
Murder at the Abbey
Honeymoon in Savannah
The Body on Ortega Highway

All are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, Smashwords, Oyster, and Scribd.  

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