Sunday, May 8, 2016

Puppy Training

Have you ever wanted a Jack Russell Terrier like the ones from the TV shows Wishbone and Frasier or the movies Mask and My Dog Skip? Do you think you can handle such a high-energy dog? If you believe that you're up to the task, come along with us as we follow our new Jack Russell puppy through his first year and watch him learn and grow to become part of our world. Read about how we tried to prevent him chewing our walls and linoleum floor. Witness our horror after he almost overdosed on baby aspirin, caused a gas leak, and was in danger of being swooped up by a hawk. We hope that you learn from our mistakes and successes in bringing up this adorable, funny, intelligent, and always-entertaining breed of wonderful little dogs.

Our First Year Raising a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
by Louise Hathaway

Only $1.49

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