Friday, October 10, 2014

Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock

Back in 1968, many of the musicians who played at the Monterey Pop Festival made their way down to my home town of Costa Mesa, California and performed at "The Newport Pop Festival"--which was later known as "Orange County's version of Woodstock."  I went with my sister and my cousins. I was only 13.  We saw The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, and Eric Burdon and The Animals, and many more bands.

Drawing upon that experience, I wrote this time-travel fantasy about two sisters from the present time who go to the county fair where the concert had taken place, and are magically transported back to 1968 when they are inside a photo booth.  Their younger selves join the other young hippies who attended the concert, listen to the bands, go back to the house they grew up in, and talk to deceased loved ones again.  They even encounter younger versions of their future husbands. But--will they be able to get back to the 21st century?

The Summer of Love: A Trip Back to 1968
By Louise Hathaway

eBook Available for $1.99 at Your Favorite Online Bookstore

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