Saturday, January 3, 2015

Travel to England, New Orleans, Savannah, and on Route 66 with our books

If you are anything like my cowriter and I, now is the time of year when we think about where we want to go on our next trip.  We've been lucky enough to travel and see some amazing places in Europe and America. Many of our books take place in some of our favorite vacation destinations.

Here are our books that are part-travelogues.  They are all available at your favorite online bookstores such as Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Smashwords, and Kobo:

Have you ever wanted to go to England and trace the footsteps of its literary giants?  Then, you might want to take along this ebook (includes pictures) which is available for just 99 cents:

England in the Footsteps of its Literary Giants

Another book we've written that takes place in England is The Stolen Mask: A Nancy Keene Mystery.  It is about a teenage sleuth, (very similar to Nancy Drew) who goes to England with her father and finds out that James Bond (AKA Daniel Craig) is staying at the same hotel they are.  When his acting award is stolen from his room, Nancy is hot on the trail to help find it.

The Stolen Mask: A Nancy Keene Mystery
eBook available for $1.99

My husband and I love New Orleans and we have visited there more times than we can count.  We wrote two books that take place in the Crescent City:

The Ghost in the Plantation: A Nancy Keene Mystery
eBook Available for $2.99
Also in Paperback

Honeymoon in New Orleans
eBook available for $1.99

After we read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, we wanted to make a pilgrimage to Savannah, Georgia to visit all the places mentioned in the best seller. Honeymoon in Savannah: A  Detective Santy Mystery takes you on a guided tour through this city where a famous chef has been murdered! This has turned out to be our most popular book.

Honeymoon in Savannah: A Detective Santy Mystery
eBook available for $2.99
Also available in paperback

Every Saturday night, my husband and I listen to A Prarie Home Companion.  Two years ago, we made a pilgrimage to check out some of the places Garrison Keillor bases his News for Lake Wobegon stories upon.  We even got to meet him!  When we were there, I wrote this book, which includes pictures. Anyone who has listened to Keillor's radio show shouldn't miss this tale of missing bachelor farmer!

The Missing Bachelor Farmer: A Nancy Keene Mystery
eBook available for $1.99
Also available in paperback at

Are you still with me, dear reader?  If so, you might like to take a trip on Route 66 with our teenage sleuth, Nancy Keene. This time, she finds herself on the Mother Road discovering romance, intrigue and coming to the aide of a little old lady in distress. 

The Buried Treasure on Route 66: A Nancy Keene Mystery
eBook available for $1.99
Also available in paperback at

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