Thursday, January 15, 2015

Genealogy Roadshow

I'm glad to see that Genealogy Roadshow is back on TV.  I applied to be on the show and told them about my relative from Scotland who was forced to flee to America in 1716 because he fought against the British army.  Once his family knew he'd arrived safely in America, they sent him a chest of gold coins that he supposedly buried, but nobody has been able to find it. I haven't heard from the producers of the show yet, but I did write about it in the first two chapters of my murder/mystery Honeymoon in Savannah: A Detective Santy Mystery

My book's main character is a homicide detective who comes to Savannah on her honeymoon after she'd been on Genealogy Roadshow where they'd told her about her family in Georgia whom she never met nor knew existed.  Her newly-found cousins invite her to Savannah for a family reunion and while she's there, her cousin who is a famous chef, is murdered.  Even though it's her honeymoon, she can't help but get involved in the search for the killer.

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