Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pride and Prejudice

I'm a fan of Pride and Prejudice but I’ve always felt that poor Mary Bennet, the middle sister, was an undeveloped character.  What happens to her after Jane Austen's beloved story ended? In my novel, I show this "forgotten sister's" development as she goes from being a petulant teenager who compares herself to her beautiful sisters, tries to get her father to notice her, and complains about her mother’s melodramatics, who grows into young woman who learns that there's a wider world outside of Pemberley and the Bennet family.
The Forgotten Sister: A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice
By Louise Hathaway

In her twenties, she falls in love and considers a move to America, where her fiancé owns a plantation. She starts writing fiction and learns all about publishing during the Regency era.  When she walks in on an older chimney sweep holding lighted straw and threatening to burn the feet of a five-year-old boy who's up inside the chimney trying to keep his balance while cleaning, she helps the child and becomes a champion of those less fortunate, including the maids at Pemberley and the factory workers in London. This book isn't a regency romance, but Mary has two serious love interests and Mr. Darcy does make a few appearances (and passes away, doing a very heroic deed).  What makes The Forgotten Sister different from other books written about Pride and Prejudice is its depiction of the social history in Britain during the nineteenth century as seen through Mary's eyes as she tries to help the poor lead better lives.
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