Sunday, January 10, 2016

Five Star Rating for "Honeymoon in Savannah: A Detective Santy Mystery"

I was so excited today when I noticed that our book, Honeymoon in Savannah: A Detective Santy Mystery, got a five star rating on Google Play.  This mystery, about a famous chef who was murdered in Savannah, Georgia, has been out for a couple of years now and has received four star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, but this is its first Five Star.  Yippee!  Out of the 23 books in our catalog, this is our favorite and it was a joy to write.  It also has sold the most (189 copies).  We are indie-writers, so you can see by our sales that we're not up there with Nora Roberts or James Patterson, but it's a pretty big deal for us.  Thank you to all our wonderful readers.

Honeymoon in Savannah: A Detective Santy Mystery
by Louise Hathaway

Available for $2.99 at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, 
Google Play, Scribd, Kobo Books, and Smashwords.

Also Available in Paperback at Amazon

Here is what it's about:  While on her honeymoon in Savannah, Georgia, Detective Clarissa Santy hopes to spend a nice quiet time with her husband in one of America’s most beautiful cities. She and her husband are both big fans of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, so they decide to make a pilgrimage to Savannah to see the sights mentioned in the book. Her time as a tourist is short-lived however when one of Savannah’s famous chefs is brutally murdered. The chef just happens to be Clarissa’s cousin--so this is personal--and Clarissa can’t rest until she finds out whodunit.

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